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  • Have you ever had a child that has been prescribed antibiotics for an ear infection?  When I ask that question to most young mom’s they respond – “Of course, that’s what antibiotics are for!” 

     It’s interesting that many people don’t even question antibiotics for an ear infection because that is what they’ve been told (or given) when an ear infection comes upon them or their child time and time again.  It’s what their neighbor’s kids are on, it’s what their sister’s kids are on, it’s just what you do for ear aches. 

     If antibiotics were the solution for ear infections then why did the Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia issue a statement to North American doctors urging them to stop prescribing antibiotics to kids with ear infections?  Does the CDC know something we don’t?  After all they are the world’s leading expert organization on infectious disease – maybe we should listen.

    Almost 5 years ago the CDC said that nearly 80% of ear infections were caused by virus and not bacteria.  So what is an antibiotic?  An antibiotic is a substance, produced by or derived from a microorganism (especially mold), which destroys or inhibits the growth of other microorganisms. Antibiotics are used to treat infections caused by organisms that are sensitive to them, usually bacteria or fungi.  Nowhere in that definition does it say that antibiotics kill viruses – because they don’t. 

    After studying nearly four thousand children, two Dutch physicians concluded that 88% of children with acute ear infections never needed antibiotics.  This startling discovery occurred after testing fluid samples taken from the child’s ear.  In all 88% no traces of bacteria were found, therefore, making it impossible for antibiotics to have any effect.  When was the last time you saw a child with an earache get tested for bacteria?  Another research study confirming what the CDC said years ago.

    So do you think there are any young mothers sitting in their doctor’s offices or in the emergency room with a child with an ear infection somewhere in Canada today?  Take a wild guess what they are going to be prescribed!

    Even though there are warnings and research saying they do nothing - worse than that, they have serious side effects. Along with not getting well, the child will also have to recover from the toxic side effects of these chemicals and molds.  Their bodies are getting destroyed because of bad advice.

     Please, please, please, please learn what the real researchers are saying – not what a drug company would like you to believe.  This not only goes for antibiotics but for every other toxic chemical out there.  God made your body to heal without drugs and certainly without surgery.  What we do here is the safe, sane choice and don’t let a deceived society tell you otherwise!

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